Antares 66

Jacques Brel - La Quete

Broadcast Christmas Eve 1968. The Last song on the program, preceded by "Regarde Bien Petit," "L'eclusier," "Je Suis un Soir D'ete" and "Vesoul." Directed By Alain Dhenaut. Brel was allowed to freely adapt Joe Darion's lyrics from the original Broadway comedy of 1965 : MAN OF LA MANCHA. Music by Mitch Leigh.

Available on DVD in the amazing box set:
Comme Quand on Etait Beau

Here's my translation, though I'm open to suggestions:

To dream an impossible dream
To bear the burden of enterprise
To burn, though it may be fever,
To go where no one will go
To love until torn asunder
To love too much, even wrongly
To attempt, without an army, without armor,
To reach for the unreachable star,
That is my quest,
To follow my star
I don't care about my chances
I don't care about time,
or how wretched I am
and I'll struggle forever
without sleep, without complaint,
To be condemned
For the gold of one utterance of love.

I don't know if I will be this hero
but my heart holds fast
and the towns have been shrouded in blue
because of one poor soul
Burn on, till all's been burnt
Burn on, burn too much, even wrongly
To reach out till I'm torn apart,
To reach for the unreachable star."