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CALIFORNIA GIRLS The Beach Boys MM images

The Top hit of 1965 by The Beach Boys,
and images of Hollywood Legend Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn knew how to project the joy of
living, and happiness. She liked the
professional touch, and worked with the
best photographers . Her photos are
everywhere. She had a zest for life...

Selected quotes from Lee Strasberg´s
eulogy, August 1962:

"Marilyn Monroe was a legend. In her own lifetime she created a myth of what a poor girl from a deprived background could attain. For the entire world she became a symbol of the eternal feminine."

"Others were as physically beautiful as she was, but there was obviously something more in her, something that people saw and recognized in her performances and with which they identified. She had a luminous quality - a combination of wistfulness, radiance, yearning - to set her apart and yet make everyone wish to be a part of it, to share in the childish naivete which was so shy and yet so vibrant.".

The Beach Boys, vocal
Music and Lyrics: Brian Wilson and
Mike Love
From the Lp: Summer Days ( and Summer Nights) (1965)

Images of Marilyn Monroe by the
following photographers:
Ed Feingersh
Cecil Beaton
Sam Shaw
Andre' de Dienes
Joseph Jasgur
Peter Mangone ( 14 yrs. old in 1955)
Milton H. Greene
Philippe Halsman
Lawrence Schiller"