Antares 66

DALLAS - Season 3 (1979-80) Cliffhanger (JR Ewing Gets Shot)

This is the final moments of the DALLAS Season 3 (1979-80) Cliffhanger, "A House Divided" (airdate March 21, 1980)

J.R.'s selling of the Asian oil leases before news of the fields' nationalization is made public, wipes out the fortunes of Ewing Oil's former business associates and also creates untold havoc within the family. J.R.'s business dealings also disgust Bobby so much that he and Pamela move out of Southfork. Sue Ellen decides to stop drinking and to wage her own battle against J.R.'s efforts to send her back to the sanitarium. Cliff also plans his own revenge against J.R.. Suspects are aplenty when J.R. is shot while working late at the office. But who pulled the trigger...?"