Antares 66


 Milo from the original manga by Masami Kurumada

Milo is the knight of the eight zodiacal sign.


Sex : Male
Height : 1m85
Weight : 84 kg
Age : 20 years
Birthdate : 8 november
Sign : Scorpion
Birthplace : Greece
Bloodtype : B
Training place : Greece, island of Milos

 Milo-Animé80Milo from the animated serie in the eighties

Img 7364 Milo worried about the security of Athena

Athena exclamation Athena exclamation, Milo with Aries M? and Leo Aiolia.

Milo episode G Milo from episode G

Saintia Sho Milo from Saintia Sh?

Milo2015 female Milo from the movie «Legend of Sanctuary»


Milo SOG in civil clothes.

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