Antares 66




Welcome to my website.

This temple is dedicated to Scorpio Milo.

The owner of the eighth Zodical house is a fictitious character from the manga "Saint Seiya" written by the Japanese Masami Kuramada.

This site is also dedicated to my own feminine universe.

I will post my fanfictions on my forum. However, this one will not be a proper forum as I have to decide if I go or not with it.

I will post my "study case", I believe in education.

Although, my website is largely based on fictional characters, it is also reserved to adulthood.

If you are under 18, this site is not for you.

Interdit moins 18 ans



Please be aware of : Published illustrations and pictures were found on Google. They are not mine.

In the albums : Knights illustrations were commissionned by myself

Thank you for reading.