Antares 66


Athena et Milo Milo is one of Athena's twelve golds (knights).


Aiolia Aiolia,Lion. It seems to have a rivalery between them. as seen in the "G" n°6.


Camus Aquarius Camus. He is Milo's best friend.

Why I believe in only strong friendship.

Firstly, because they used to much the term "friend".

In the original manga, Milo wants to spare Hyoga's life by respect for his best friend. Having respect for someone even a close friend does not mean being in love.
I have respect for many people, males and females, friends and acquaintance but that does not mean that I am in love with them !
At the end, Milo will save Hyoga's lif and let him go, not by feeling for him or for his best friend but to curiosity to see how far they will go.
The manga quote "respect" not love and its quote to "curiosity" not feelings...

In the original manga (again)l, Milo gave his blood to ressurrect Hyōga's cloth. 
He is not the only one to sacrifice some of his blood for it. It is logical that he chosed his best friend's disciple. Would you have not done the same for your best friend in memory of your best friend ?
But Milo does not become neither Hyōga's master nor Hyōga's teacher.
Whenever Cygnus is in danger it is Camus's cloth that will help.  

The scene when Milo strangles Camus does not appear in the manga but only 
To me, the friends have become brother. Milo is grieving to know his bestfriend betrayed  their friendship but also Athena, the other knights, the human even in death for an eternel life.

Note that in the Kurumanga from page 209 to 219 volume 5 luxe edition, when Aiolia and Milo are asked to attend a meeting with the Pope. This one shown them a few pandora boxes included the one from Aquarius ... 

Today, his writer has left the scorpion becoming a woman in his latest official adaptation.

This "relation" is therefore not seen as "mythical". 

Whatever he was yesterday. Whatever he will be tomorrow.

He is also officially a woman. (Oh, Please don't cry ! After having seen him dressing into girly clothes...)

Therefore, it seems to me that we can all enjoy our own way. So, if you don't like the slash het...don't read it.